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SoSAE Workshop - Workshop on System of Systems Adaptation and Evolution

This SoSAE workshop will be held on Friday, the November 14, from 14:00 to 17:00. To join it, you have to choose it on the extra-activities part of the online registration form (Special offer: registration to one IBM Workshop gives right to participate both IBM Workshops).

The exponential growth in the development and use of mobile devices and applications has introduced a conceptual change in the way people and organizations communicate. Although many practitioners have updated their modes of working as per this change, we still ask the question: How does this change affect system engineers? We would like daily life for the system engineer to be significantly improved by using mobile means. This workshop explores how we can take the role of the system engineer to its next level using the benefits of mobile platforms.

  • Date: Friday the November 14th, 2014 – 14:00-17:00
  • Location: Salle La Rochefoucauld, Hotel des Arts et Métiers at 9bis ave d’Iéna 75016 Paris
  • Speakers: Dominique Luzeaux, John Fitzgerald and Michael Winokur (short bio and presentation abstract by links below)



The past edition of CSD&M, in 2013, provided a significant focus on Systems of Systems (SoS), with examples ranging from intelligent transportation to border security to the entire island nation of Singapore. A common thread in all of the discussion was the need to treat an SoS as something different than an ordinary system. Rather than thinking about “designing” the SoS, each example showed that it is necessary to think about adaptation and evolution of the existing SoS. This different approach was highlighted by presentations of current SoS research projects:

  • Designing for Adaptation and evolutioN of Systems of systems Engineering (DANSE) (EU FP7 consortium) is successfully completing a three-year project to develop methodology and tools for model-based evolution of an SoS, with application in several real industrial SoS environments.
  • Comprehensive Modelling for Advanced Systems of Systems (COMPASS) (EU FP7 consortium) is also successfully completing three years of model development, again with industrial test cases.
  • Systems of Systems Analytic Workbench (Purdue University) is continuing to develop tools for continuing analysis of SoS characteristics as part of constant evolution.

Through these projects and others, it is becoming increasingly clear that current model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approaches need new thinking to handle SoS adaptation and evolution (SoSAESuch new thinking is happening both in research projects and in pragmatic practice, and needs collaboration to enhance its growth.

This half-day workshop, organized by the DANSE project, seeks to build on the success of CSDM’13 by fostering a community of practitioners and researchers to advance the practice of SoS adaptation and evolution. This workshop is co-located with CSDM’14 both (a) to provide continuity with the themes of last year’s conference, and (b) because CSDM is becoming a primary venue for advanced thinking in systems engineering, drawing exactly the attendees who can and would contribute to this important topic. We invite presentations and experience reports on the following topics.


This event is planned as a true workshop in which participants both receive information and contribute to collaborative development. Participants will be able to interact with presenters and other participants, including some key world-class individuals in SoS development.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial examples of adapting, evolving SoS
  • Descriptions of the current state of practice
  • Clear depictions of the current need, areas in which current practice falls short
  • Methodology and concepts for effective SoS adaptation and evolution (SoSAE)
  • Model-based techniques that effectively handle complexity
  • Challenges of complexity, such as self-organizing behaviour
  • New tools to support SoSAE methodology
  • Industrial experience with the use of model-based tools for SoSAE


  • Eric Honour :

Dr. Eric Honour, CSEP, INCOSE Fellow, and former INCOSE President, has been in international leadership of the engineering of systems for 20 years, part of a 45+ year career of complex systems development and operation. He was the founding Chair of the INCOSE Technical Board in 1994, and served as Director of the Systems Engineering Center of Excellence (SECOE). He is on the editorial board for Systems Engineering. He has led or contributed to the development of 17 major systems. Dr. Honour has a BSSE (Systems Engineering) from the US Naval Academy, MSEE from the Naval Postgraduate School, and PhD from the University of South Australia based on his ground-breaking work to quantify the value of systems engineering.

  • Yael Dubinsky:

Dr. Yael Dubinsky is affiliated with the Software and Services group in IBM Research - Haifa (HRL). For more than ten years she is also the instructor of project-based courses at Technion IIT. She has published her work at conferences and journals related to software engineering and information systems, and facilitated workshops and tutorials in leading conferences. Yael has a significant experience with guiding agile implementation processes in the industry and academia. Her book on Agile Software Engineering, which she co-author with Orit Hazzan, was published by Springer at 2008.