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Printz Jacques


Jacques Printz

Jacques Printz is Professor Emeritus at CNAM where he has been elected on the chair of software engineering in 1994. He has been Dean of the Information sciences and communication technologies department during the years 2000-2004, and co-director of the CNAM School of engineering at the same time. At CNAM, he founded the Center for Mastering Systems and Software (in French CMSL/Centre de maîtrise des systèmes et du logiciel) to promote the study of system architecture and the management of complexity. His research interests are: software architecture, test oriented architecture, software reliability and safety, complexity measurement, software testing techniques such as pertinent test data generators based on interface constraints analysis, project management and software cost estimation, programmers productivity.

Prior to his tenure, he hold several positions in the software industry (France, US and Japan) in the area of operating systems, compilers development and database management systems, where he made contributions in compiler architecture, such as Common Code Generator for various languages (FORTRAN, PL1, C, Ada) on various machines, compiler-compiler toolset, etc. He has been deeply involved as a consultant in defense and security C4ISTAR systems engineering and architecture in the last twenty years, nationally and internationally [PCIS NATO project, GIADIS NATO project, Visitor at SEI, etc.].

He is the author, or co-author, of several books about software engineering and complex systems architecture: Le génie logiciel, PUF, translated in Chinese ; Puissance et limites des systèmes informatisés, Hermès, Coûts et durée des projets informatiques, Hermès ; Productivité des programmeurs, Hermès ; Écosystèmes des projets informatiques, Hermès ; Architecture logicielle, concevoir des applications simples, sûres et adaptable, Dunod, nominated for the Roberval price in 2008, 3ème edition ; Pratique des tests logiciels, Dunod ; Estimation des projets de l’entreprise numérique, Hermès.

He is a lecturer in various Chinese universities such as Beijing University of Technology, Wuhan University (WUDA), South China University of Technology (Guangzhou/Canton), etc.

Main competencies in innovation management

  • Agile project management ; organization of large software development teams ; project office ; PLM Fields of expertise

Fields of expertise

  • Operating systems, middleware, languages & databases

  • System and software architecture & engineering

Relevant experience

  • Development of large complex systems (C4ISTAR)


  • Active member of CESAMES Think Tank; Lecturer at École Polytechnique.